Growth Calendar

Week 1

How your baby is growing Your child actively starts to move its arms and legs.

Week 2

Your baby starts crying at full volume. This develops her lung capacity. She continues to gain more control over her movements.

Week 3

Your baby begins to make more head movements. On a daily basis, it is advised to position your baby on her tummy for a while.

Week 4

As the weeks go by, your baby becomes more in control of her movement. Your baby begins to comfortably grab your fingers, small toys and objects.

Week 5

Your baby can now lift her head a bit while on her back. She has the ability to hold her head up when held tight in a car seat / front baby carrier.

Week 6

By now, your baby clearly recognizes you. She may coo and kick with pleasure when she sees you. She’s now capable of smiling, but the more you cuddle, and play with her, the greater your chance of seeing her first real toothsome smile soon.

Week 7

Now your baby intentionally grips things. Although not with a very tight grip, your baby holds objects in her hand without letting go.

Week 8

Your baby will start holding her hands together now, but she will still be making random movements.

Week 9

This is the stage where you need to be on the alert. Your baby starts rolling around from her back to her side and vice versa.

Week 10

Your baby is now able to make fluid circular movements with her arms and legs as opposed to the previous jerky kicks and arm swings.

Week 11

At 11 weeks old, your baby is babbling to you most of the time. Help her develop those budding language skills by talking to her as often as it’s possible.